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Willkommen – Welkom

Posted by iscarde on October 17, 2008

… auf der Deutsch-Niederländischen Webseite der International Society für Cultural & Activity Research (ISCAR). An dieser Stelle erscheinen Ressourcen zur Tätigkeitstheorie und kulturhistorische Psychologie auf Deutsch, Niederländisch und Englisch, wie z.B. Literaturhinweise, Artikel, die online verfügbar sind, Hinweise auf Tagungen und Kongresse. Natürlich können wir Hilfe gebrauchen, sind für Anregungen dankbar und beantworten gerne Fragen. Erreichbar sind wir unter

Martijn van Schaik ist der Koordinator für die deutsch-niederländische Sektion in der internationalen Verwaltung von ISCAR. Für Fragen, die Internationales betreffen, nehmen Sie Kontakt mit Martijn auf.

 … op de Duits-Nederlandse website van de International Society for Cultural & Activity Research. ISCAR doel is de promotie en ontwikkeling van multidisciplinair, theoretisch en empirisch onderzoek naar de sociale, culturele en historische dimensies van menselijke praktijken.

Op deze website kunt u Duits- Engels- en Nederlandstalige bronnen over Activiteits theorie en cultuur-historische theorie vinden, zoals literatuurverwijzingen, online beschikbare artikelen, of verwijzingen naar conferenties en congressen. We staan open voor alle hulp en verheugen ons op uw commentaar—natuurlijk beantwoorden wij ook uw vragen! Onze email:

Martijn van Schaik is de vertegenwoordiger van de sectie in het internationale ISCAR bestuur. Voor vragen over Internationale onderwerpen, mail Martijn.


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Symposium materials

Posted by iscarde on March 6, 2013

On the 21st en 22nd of February the 2nd German-Dutch ISCAR symposium was held in Amsterdam. First of all the organising committee likes to thank again all the participants and presenters. We think that with the help of the keynotes and the posters the discussions were very interesting and helped our collective thinking on CHAT a little step forward. Your thoughts on what sense or meaning it had for you is evaluated with a short questionaire on Google:

Secondly, all the conference materials, including the presentations, the programme, abstracts are now available below and the video of the keynotes of Pompert and Van Oers is online.  In addition a short impression of the member meeting can be found there as well.

Other sources to connect with each other are:

The website of our society (where non-members also can become a member):

On LinkedIn: GE-NL ISCAR group and NL-group.

Furthermore the online open-access journal Outlines. Critical practice studies is always looking for editors, manuscripts and perhaps a special issue based on our symposium. For more information contact Michalis (michaliskonto[at]googlemail[dot]com).

Finally we like to know what you idea’s  are regarding the symposium and how to continue this. For that reason we have a little survey that we’d like to ask all participants to take. The survey can be found here. In the survey one question is who is willing to help organising the next symposium, perhaps in collaboration with the members of the current organising committee. As soon as there is a new committee we will notify everyone of you for the next symposium. We hope to see you then, if not earlier.

Best regards,

Chiel van der Veen,
Marjolein Dobber
Annoesjka Boersma
Bert van Oers
Martijn van Schaik


Presentation Pompert

Presentation Van Oers

Presentation Akkerman

Weblecture Pompert and Van Oers

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Practical information on GE-NL ISCAR symposium

Posted by iscarde on December 19, 2012

This post contains some practical details for the GE-NL ISCAR symposium. Registration for participation in the 2nd German- Dutch ISCAR symposium can be realized by e-mailing Marjolein Dobber (e-mail address: M.Dobber[at]vu [dot]nl). Would you be as kind as to provide us in that email with the following information?

– name
– institute
– address
– telephone number
– e-mail address
[- titel poster or roundtable]
– participation in symposium diner: yes of no, and special wishes regarding diet

The registration costs of 20 euro can be transferred to:
VU Faculty of  Psychologie & Pedagogiek, Amsterdam
BankaccountNr., Deutsche Bank

Mention the reference number 250.5513, Fonds B. van Oers

(BTW-number  NL.8510.29.279.B01)

You may register for participation in the symposium 14-2 2013 at the latest. However, submissions with registrations before 7 January 2013 will be included in the proceedings of the symposium.

Practical information regarding the symposium dinner will follow.

With kind regards,
the organising committee,

Annoesjka Boersma, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Marjolein Dobber, VU Universiteit Amsterdam
Bert van Oers, VU Universiteit Amsterdam
Fleur Prinsen, Open Universiteit
Martijn van Schaik, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Chiel van der Veen, VU Universiteit Amsterdam‎
Remy Wilshaus, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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Call for posters for 2nd DE-NL ISCAR symposium

Posted by iscarde on September 30, 2012

For the upcoming German-Dutch ISCAR symposium ‘Practical elaborations on Cultural Historical Activity Theory’ we invite researchers and practitioners to inspire each other with regard to this relation between theory and practice. After the much appreciated first symposium in Potsdam, the intention is to organize a symposium with much space and time for informal interaction and discussions, so that all participants can meet and indeed inspire each other. Read the rest of this entry »

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Neoliberalism, Pedagogy & Human Development by M. Kontopodis

Posted by iscarde on September 14, 2012

The book Neoliberalism, Pedagogy & Human Development: Exploring Time, Mediation and Collectivity in Contemporary Schools by M. Kontopodis (London: Routledge) has just been published. For special discount for ISCAR members contact directly the author: michaliskonto(a)

Summary: In most Western developed countries, adult life is increasingly organized on the basis of short-term work contracts and reduced social security funds. In this context it seems that producing efficient job-seekers and employees becomes the main aim of educational programs for the next generation. Through case studies of young people from urban and countryside marginalized populations in Germany, USA and Brazil, this book investigates emerging educational practices and takes a critical stance towards what can be seen as neoliberal educational politics. It investigates how mediating devices such as CVs, school reports, school files, photos and narratives shape the ways in which those marginalized students reflect about their past as well as imagine their future. By building on process philosophy and time theory, post-structuralism, as well as on Vygotsky’s psychological theory, the analysis differentiates between two discrete modes of human development: development of concrete skills (potential development) and development of new societal relations (virtual development, which is at the same time individual and collective). The book outlines an innovative relational account of learning and human development which can prove of particular importance for the education of marginalized students in today’s globalized world.

More information and reviews:

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DE-NL ISCAR symposium 21-22 february 2013

Posted by iscarde on August 7, 2012

This is the first official announcement for the next DE-NL ISCAR symposium. It will be held in Amsterdam on February 21-22  2013. A call for posters will follow soon. The local organising committee is still working on the theme, for now the working title is: practical elaborations of CHAT. At the moment we are discussing over and deciding on the on costs (as low as possible), deadlines, formal and informal programme. As soon as we have more information we will inform you. For now the date is the most important and can be put in your calendars. We will also publish the information on our own regional website: 

The local organising committee: Remy Wilshaus, Anoeska Boersma, Marjolein Dobber, Chiel van der Veen, Arthur Bakker, Bert van Oers & Fleur Prinsen.

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Lecture Yrjö Engeström at VU Amsterdam

Posted by iscarde on May 15, 2012

Zoals al te zien was op de LinkedIn groep van ISCAR NL, op donderdag 24 mei zal Yrjö Engeström een lezing verzorgen op de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

getiteld: “Rediscovering objects: Going beyond dialogism in learning and instruction”.

U bent van harte uitgenodigd hierbij aanwezig te zijn. Via de volgende link is meer informatie te vinden over de inhoud van de lezing:

Locatie: zaal K1B-74 van de Faculteit der Psychologie en Pedagogiek (Transitorium); van der Boechorststraat 1 Amsterdam.

In verband met een beperkt aantal zitplaatsen, graag even een email naar chiel.vander.veen [apenstaartje]vu[punt]nlwanneer je hierbij aanwezig wilt zijn en met hoeveel personen (dan kan indien nodig worden uitgeweken naar een grotere zaal).


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LinkedIn groepen – LinkedIn Gruppen

Posted by iscarde on May 15, 2012

Sinds enige tijd bestaat er op LinkedIn een ISCAR-NL groep en een ISCAR GE-NL groep. Beiden zijn open groepen, dus ook zichtbaar voor niet leden. Het is een plaats om collega’s met dezelfde theoretische achtergrond te vinden en ermee in contact te komen.

De NL-groep is te vinden via deze link. De GE-NL-groep via deze link.


Seit einiger Zeit gibt es auf LinkedIn eine ISCAR-NL-Gruppe und eine ISCAR-DE-NL-Gruppe. Beide sind offene Gruppen und für Nicht-Mitglieder sichtbar. Es ist ein Ort, um Kollegen mit gleichem theoretischen Hintergrund zu finden und mit ihnen in Verbindung zu treten.

Die DE-NL-Gruppe ist über diesen Link zu erreichen.

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Latest update local ISCAR issues since Rome

Posted by iscarde on January 15, 2012

Since the ISCAR conference in Rome a few issues were open.

First of all, the representation of our section in the executive committee was not yet decided. Martijn van Schaik was interim for the time being. The Dutch delegation promised to find someone and has decided that he will be the representative.

In order to more easily connect with the German part of the section, we have found Andrea Karsten to be willing to ‘liaison’ between me and German members. Which means together we coordinate the local issues if necessary.

Next issue was the German-Dutch Symposium. Also for this, in Rome the Dutch part of the section agreed to organise this. At the moment we are creating an organising committee. We hope to have more information on that in a month or so on this website.

On an international level the executive committee is now discussing issues on the membership fee and publishing conference papers on the website. In a next letter we will inform you on the outcome of those. Meanwhile visit the website for more international issues:

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Neues Journal

Posted by iscarde on September 15, 2011

Die Ausgaben des Journals für tätigkeitstheoretische Forschung in Deutschland kann unter folgendem Link abgerufen werden:

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8. Workshop „Tätigkeitstheorie und kulturhistorische Schule“

Posted by iscarde on April 3, 2011

Das 8. Workshop „Tätigkeitstheorie und kulturhistorische Schule“ 

hat vom 1. bis 3. Juli 2011 im Haus Ohrbeck bei Osnabrück

erfolgreich stattgefunden

Wie gehabt, hat sich auch dieser Workshop an praktisch und wissenschaftlich Tätige, die an der kulturhistorischen Schule und der Tätigkeitstheorie interessiert sind, gerichtet. Den Teilnehmer_innen ist sehr gelungen, ein Forum zu schaffen, auf dem Erfahrungen ausgetauscht, eigene Beiträge vorgestellt und konzeptuelle und praxisorientierte Fragen auf dem Hintergrund der Tätigkeitstheorie diskutiert worden sind. Der Workshop stützte sich auf ein breites Spektrum an Disziplinen und Tätigkeitsfeldern, wozu unter anderem die Psychologie, die Erziehungswissenschaften, die Psycholinguistik, die Philosophie und die Sportwissenschaft gehorten. 


 Die Tagung beginnte am Freitag, den 1. Juli 2010 um 18:15 Uhr mit dem Abendessen. Am Samstag und Sonntag fanden Vorträge der Teilnehmer statt und am Sonntag wurde über die zukünftigen Aktivitäten diskutiert. Die Tagung endete am Sonntag, den 11. Juli 2010 nach dem Mittagessen. Das genauere Programm finden Sie hier: Programm Ohrbeck 2011

Ganz herzlichen Dank an Falk Seeger ( für die Organisation! 

Geplannt ist bereits, dass der 9. Workshop zur Tätigkeitstheorie vom 6. – 8. Juli 2012 wie gewohnt in Haus Ohrbeck stattfinden wird

Infos zu Haus Ohrbeck und Anreise unter:


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